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Abies concolor 

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Genus: Abies Species: concolor Origin:
Common Name: Concolor Fir Other Name: Pino Real Blanco, White Fir, White Balsam, Balsam Fir, Pre-treatment: Required
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Seeds per lb.: 13000 Zone Cold: 4 Zone Warm: 7
Height: U.S. Native: Yes Growth Rate: Slow-Medium
Spread: Plant Type: Medium Tree Vegetation Type: Evergreen
Purity Range: 97-99% Germination Range: 50-70% Shelf Life: 1-2 years cold & dry
Storage: Cold & Dry @ 34-41 Deg. F Sowing Density: 35-50 Plant Use:
Nitrogen Fixing: No Leaf Color: Blue-Green Flower Color: ineffective
Comments: Seedlings prone to damping off. Excellent needle retention as a cut tree. 12 hours freeze then 6 hours room temperature (for imbibed seed) done 12 times may overcome stratification requirements. Slow growth as seedling but by the 6th. year will begin to grow much faster and fill in. Known as the ugly duckling seedling that grows in to a beautiful plant. Late bud break.
Germination info: Seed requires 30-45 days cold moist stratification.
A Trial Packet contains a minimum of 5 - 30 seeds depending on the size of the selected seed.

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