Acer buergerianum d.w., small leaves

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Genus: Acer Species: buergerianum Origin: d.w., small leaves
Common Name: Small Leaf Trident Maple Other Name: Pre-treatment: Required
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Seeds per lb.: 37000 Zone Cold: 5 Zone Warm: 8
Height: U.S. Native: No Growth Rate: Slow-Medium
Spread: Plant Type: Small Tree Vegetation Type: Deciduous
Purity Range: 95-98% Germination Range: 40-60% Shelf Life: 1-2 years cold & dry
Storage: Cold & Dry @ 34-41 Deg. F Sowing Density: 15-30 seedlings/ft2 Plant Use: Bonsai, Ornamental
Nitrogen Fixing: No Leaf Color: Green Flower Color: ineffective
Comments: Seed are collected from parent plants which have leaves no longer than 1.5 inches. Seed is de-winged and upgraded to remove hollow seeds. Used in Bonsai. Watch in cold stratification for germination. Fall sown seed not scarified with a hot water treatment will germinate over a two year period.
Germination info: Seed requires a hot water treatment followed by 60-90 days cold stratification. The hot water treatment breaks down a hard seed coat that forms when the seed dries.
A Trial Packet contains a minimum of 5 - 30 seeds depending on the size of the selected seed.

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