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I have read the Important Order Information and Forms of Payment terms and agree to the conditions stated on the Terms & Conditions page.

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Important Order Information:

All orders shipped at prices prevailing on date of shipment. All prices and fees quoted are estimates only. At this time, the shopping cart is used to send a purchase order for the selected seed. As stated above, all orders are shipped at prices prevailing on date of shipment. New Customers must provide a credit card through the phone or use PayPal in order for us to process your order. When you place an order the shipping and handling charges are an estimation that will change when the order is actually shipped. Once the shopping cart is submitted to us we will review your order and confirm receipt. You may Cancel Your Order by phone or by contacting us through email. Any credit balance on the cancelled order will be returned or kept on file for future orders, based on your decision.

Forms of Payment:

We currently accept all major credit cards. Once your order is placed we will contact you for a payment source. Please specify in the Special Order Instructions area how you wish to pay for your order. If PayPal is chosen we will send you an invoice through Paypal for the total amount when your order is ready for shipment. We will not process your credit card until your order is ready to be shipped. If you choose to pay by check we will send out an invoice to your billing address with instruction on where to send the check and what the total amount is. Please inform us of any other specific ways of payment before placing an order.

All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.
STATEMENT OF POLICY: Seeds are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, as to description and productiveness. Goods should be inspected upon arrival and claims for condition made at once. We cannot consider claims after seeds have been stored or planted.

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